Wisdom Council, September 27-29, 2019

This TIA House symposium recognizes the imperfect knowledge transmission methods of the colonial system, and particularly the ways it has tended to fragment non-Western knowledges and privilege the textual over the oral. Using a combination of traditional and contemporary practices, this symposium seeks to at least scratch the surface of this problem. A small council of senior practitioners will be invited to sit in council in a range of ways over the course of three days: first with each other, then a public symposium, and then through a set of oral history interviews. These interviews will be recorded for podcast in order to extend the reach of the work and also preserve it for future generations. Topics to be addressed may include: what our communities need now; memory and forgetting; care of elders in racialized communities; stories of the past, present and future; stories in cyclical time; community formations we’ve experienced; community formations we remember; how we understand the work that needs to be done; practices and strategies.

Participants confirmed (as of June 28, 2019)

Lillian Allen, Smaro Kamboureli, Aruna Srivastava, Marcia Crosby, Fred Wah, Lenore Keeshig, Chrystos, Chris Creighton-Kelly, France Trépanier, Richard Fung, and David Garneau


September 27, 2019: Evening Literary Reading

September 28. 2019: Public Panels

September 29, 2019: Studio Interviews

The Insurgent Architects’ House for Creative Writing (TIA House)
SS1059, 618 Campus Place, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta

Organizers: Mikka Jacobsen, Rebecca Geleyn and Larissa Lai

Free and open to the public!

Watch this site for updates.

An Afternoon with Arielle Twist: March 13, 2019

UPDATE: Arielle Twist was unable to make it for her scheduled talk, due to flight cancellations. We thought we might be able to reschedule for this afternoon (March 14th), but we’ve not been able to make it work. Sorry to disappoint! But you can still catch Arielle tonight at Shelf Life Books, 7pm. See you there!

Please join us at TIA House for An Afternoon with Arielle Twist: A conversation with Trynne Delaney, Paul Meunier, Kaitlyn Purcell & Joshua Whitehead.

Wednesday, March 13, 3:30-5:30pm


Roundtable conversation with Arielle Twist and local writers Trynne Delaney, Paul Meunier, Kaitlyn Purcell, and Joshua Whitehead: 3:30-4:45

Break: 4:45-5:00

Reading: 5:00-5:30

Arielle Twist is a Nehiyaw, Two-Spirit, Trans Woman creating to reclaim and harness ancestral magic and memories. Originally from George Gordon First Nation, Saskatchewan she is now based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Within her short career pursuing writing she has attended a residency at Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity, has work published with Them, Canadian Art, The Fiddlehead, PRISM International, This Magazine, and CBC. Her debut collection of poetry ‘Disintegrate/ Dissociate’ is forthcoming March 2019 with Arsenal Pulp Press. Her poetry and other multi-media pieces have/are being exhibited in art galleries country wide including The Khyber Centre for the Arts in Halifax, Toronto Media Arts Centre in Toronto, la galerie centrale powerhouse in Montreal, Centre for Art Tapes in Halifax, The Art Gallery of Mississauga in Mississauga and work with The Walter Phillips Gallery in Banff. 

Trynne Delaney is pursuing her MA in English and Creative Writing at University of Calgary. She is interested in representing multiplicities of identity on north-eastern  landscapes. Her most recent work was collaborating on  the design and writing of ASTIGMATISM zine, which highlights genre writing from BIWOC in the University of Calgary English Department. You can find her at home baking sourdough or on twitter @u_got_trynned. 

Paul Meunier is currently an English PhD student at the University of Calgary, where he also completed Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in English, and creative writing. Paul’s poetry explores spaces between experimental form and subject representation, and his work has been published in NōD Magazine, filling Station Magazine, and The Anti-Languorous Project. Paul also studied photography at the Alberta College of Art + Design, back when chemical processing was still hip.

Kaitlyn Purcell is a Dene writer, artist, student, and storyteller. Kaitlyn plays with syntax and style, integrating poetry into prose to illustrate the chaos that comes with addiction, mental illness, and rehabilitation.

Joshua Whitehead is an Ojibwe-Cree, Two-Spirit member of Peguis First Nation (Treaty 1). He is the author of full-metal indigiqueer and Jonny Appleseed. Currently, he is an ABD doctoral student at the University of Calgary.

The Insurgent Architects’ House for Creative Writing

Social Sciences Tower 1059, University of Calgary

2500 University Drive NW

Dina Al-Kassim & Erin Soros: October 15th & 16th

Two exciting talks coming up at TIA House! Dina Al-Kassim, Monday, October 15, 1-3pm  Baring It All? The Limits of Naked Protest The sovereign’s obscenity knows no bounds, but what understanding might we glean from his mirror image in postfeminist performance and resistance? Departing from Proudhon’s anti-feminist treatise on the dangers of expanded suffrage and representative democracy when granted to women, the … [Read more…]

Russell Smith: Writing Dialogue in Fiction

Russell Smith: Writing Dialogue in Fiction March 2, 2018 1-3pm, TIA House Workshop: Writing dialogue in fiction. Russell Smith talks about how to make dialogue a driving force in the creation of character and action. Using examples from his favourite writers, he will delineate what makes dialogue both lifelike and compelling, sharing both useful technical tricks and common errors to avoid. … [Read more…]

Peter and Meredith Quartermain: February 16-17

Friday, February 16th  4PM – Talk & Reading An Illcolonial Cross-Continent Poem: Talk and Reading by Meredith Quartermain In 2015 and 2016, Quartermain rode VIA’s The Canadian from coast to coast, which led to her long poem Lullabies in the Real World. Here she adopts the dissonant voice of Odyssea, tangled in unheroic histories, alien literatures, and colonizer tongues, trying … [Read more…]

Peter Forestell: The Top Three Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Write About My Experience With Plagiarism

The Top Three Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Write About My Experience With Plagiarism By Peter Forestell In April of 2016, I discovered that a fellow PhD student in Creative Writing had taken a paragraph I shared in a workshop two years earlier, deleted some words, added enjambments, and published the resulting poem as his own work, without crediting … [Read more…]

Black Lives Out West: November 24-25, 2017

Black Lives Out West: A Symposium Program: In light of recent discussions about the relationship between Black and Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island particularly with regards to the expropriation of land on the one hand, and the making-property of human beings on the other, this event recognizes the Western territories of Turtle Island as a zone of exclusion, a site … [Read more…]

Statement from the TWUC Equity Task Force in Response to Niedzviecki editorial “Winning the Appropriation Prize”

We, the Equity Task Force of TWUC are writing in response to the editorial in the latest issue of WRITE. We are angry and appalled by the publication of “Winning the Appropriation Prize” by Hal Niedzviecki in the editorial column. In the context of working to recruit writers historically marginalized in the union, this essay contradicts and dismisses the racist … [Read more…]

Unpacking the Creative Writing Degree

Paris Locks Lai credit

The Insurgent Architects’ House for Creative Writing and The Creative Writing Research Group Present: Unpacking the Creative Writing Degree 11am Tuesday, April 11, 2017 TIA House SS1059 Department of English University of Calgary Presenters: Jane Chamberlin Peter Forestell Rod Moody-Corbett Jess Nicol Moderator: Larissa Lai The inclusion of creative writing as an academic discipline has allowed for a secondary area … [Read more…]

The Littoral Contact Zone: Indigenous/Asian Relations from the Salish Sea to Treaty 7 Territories

SYMPOSIUM/A GATHERING The Littoral Contact Zone: Indigenous/Asian Relations from the Salish Sea to Treaty 7 Territories March 9-10, 2017 The Insurgent Architects’ House for Creative Writing, SS1059, University of Calgary, 2500 University Drive NW, Calgary, Alberta CANADA T2N 1N4 Opening Welcome: Anita Eagle Bear Keynote: Lee Maracle Speakers: Roy Miki, Marcia Crosby, Sarah Ling, Szu Shen, Iyko Day, Rita Wong, … [Read more…]