Episode 3: Fred Wah Interviews David Garneau at Wisdom Council

Episode 3: Fred Wah Interviews David Garneau at Wisdom Council Show notes: This interview of David Garneau by Fred Wah was recorded during a TIA House symposium called Wisdom Council in September 2019. Wisdom Council recognized the imperfect knowledge transmission methods of the colonial system, and particularly the ways it has tended to fragment non-Western knowledges and privilege the textual … [Read more…]

kHarLaMoV’s aNkLe, a utopian fantasy: robert majzels reads at TIA House

On kHarLaMoV’s aNkLe, a utopian fantasy we were kHarLaMoV’s aNkLe we served the occasional need. for violence because protest is tolerated so long as it does not disturb the daily commute hang on while i make another buck mean. while mornings the hackademics retweet a friend’s progressive cAt. video hit the treadmill for a five mile jog then off to … [Read more…]

Michelle Sylliboy launches Kiskajeyi – I AM READY at TIA House

  Michelle Sylliboy, a L’nuk (Mi’kmaq) artist/author, was raised on unceded territory in We’koqmaq Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. She gathers much of her inspiration from personal tales, the environment, and her L’nuk culture. PhD Candidate, Michelle is working on her Philosophy of Education Doctorate Degree fieldwork where she will combine her artistic background and education by creating a L’nuk Komqwejwi’kasikl … [Read more…]

Wisdom Council: Symposium Sept. 27-29

Please join us for our public events, which will take place September 27th, 6:00pm and September 28th, 9:00am – 6:00pm at TIA House (SS1059)! Speaker Biographies Smaro Kamboureli is Avie Bennett Chair in Canadian Literature at the University of Toronto. Her research interests include CanLit as a disciplinary formation and diaspora and Indigenous studies.   Aruna Srivastava has spent many … [Read more…]