Canadian Literature Forum at the MLA

Session 632: Respect, Responsibility, Coalition, Relation
Saturday, 7 January, 5:15-6:30pm, 110B Pennsylvania Convention Centre
Philedelphia, PA

In the wake of Idle No More and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Indigenous and non-Indigenous activists, writers and scholars are called to self-reflexively articulate and act upon a politics or poetics of relation. What forms might such a politics or poetics take? How are these reflected in literary or cultural production? Papers may address culturally specific ways of knowing, culturally specific ways of being, embodied experience, historically-sedimented experience, legal systems and their material fallout, ways of understanding rights and obligations, human/nonhuman relation, the elements (earth, water, fire air, metal), land, climate/weather, or activist culture.

Larissa Lai and Joshua Whitehead (co-presiders), University of Calgary

Joshua Whitehead, University of Calgary
“Native-to-Native Reconciliations: Queer, Two-Spirit, and Female Relations”

Lee Maracle, University of Toronto
To Whom Am I Responsible?: Salish Concepts of Responsibility

Dina Al-Kassim, University of British Columbia
“Denunciation and the P.A. System: Notes Against the New Civility”

Pushpa Acharya, University of Toronto
“Narrative Care: Relating and Responsibility in Canadian Fiction”

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