Warren Cariou

Episode 56: Marc Lynch interviews Warren Cariou

Sep 19, 2023

In this episode, Warren Cariou and Marc Lynch discuss the relationships between land, story, memory, and history. They also talk about Indigenous masculinities, poetry as a form of discourse, and petrography as both critical and creative practice.4


Marc Herman Lynch is a mixed-race writer currently doing a PhD student at the University of Calgary and serving as president of filling Station magazine. Each summer he works with the creative team at Wordsworth Youth Writing Camp to teach young writers. He lives in Moh’kins’tsis, otherwise known as Calgary, in Treaty 7 Territory, Alberta. His debut novel, Arborescent, was published by Arsenal Pulp Press in 2020.

Warren Cariou was born in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan into a family of Métis and European heritage.  Though he has lived away from Meadow Lake for many years, his art and academic work maintains a focus on the cultural and environmental questions that have preoccupied the people of his homeland.  His books, films, photography and scholarly research explore themes of community, environment, orality and belonging in the Canadian west, with particular focus on the relationships between Indigenous stories and the land. Warren Cariou is a professor in the Department of English, Theatre, Film and Media at the University of Manitoba.  He lives in Winnipeg with his wife, the poet and professor Alison Calder.

Show notes:

3:21: Introduction

4:00: The next generation of Indigenous storytelling traditions

5:12 Discussion of the essay Landsending

7:50: The relationship between Land and Story

8:00: Work with Duncan Mercredi’s poetry

10:40: Land of Oil and Water: Sensory relationship to land

13:00: Modernity and disconnect from land

15:00: The practice of not seeing in the abuse of land

17:45: Warren’s Petrography as a practice

19:40: The World’s First Photograph

23:00 Sensory effects of working with Tar

25:00 Discovering Beauty in Tar

26:30 Tar as a pre-colonial tool

31:00: An Athabasca Story

31:45: reminding us to remember & Braiding Sweetgrass

34:00: Warren’s bibliography & the appeal of working in different forms

37:00: Tarhands: A Messy Manifesto

38:30: Poetry as a discourse

41:00: Reflecting on roundtable on Indigenous Masculinities

42:30: Thinking as Protectors

45:15: Upcoming project on Indigenous storytelling

47:00 upcoming projects

48:00 A new edition of Gregory Younging’s Elements of Indigenous Style

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