kHarLaMoV’s aNkLe, a utopian fantasy: robert majzels reads at TIA House

On kHarLaMoV’s aNkLe, a utopian fantasy

we were kHarLaMoV’s aNkLe we served the occasional need. for violence because protest is tolerated so long as it does not disturb the daily commute hang on while i make another buck mean. while mornings the hackademics retweet a friend’s progressive cAt. video hit the treadmill for a five mile jog then off to school show off how smart they are later a drink with a hated colleague and home to bed the peaceful transition. to fascism

On robert majzels

Aspiring to be free of the proper noun, robert majzels disturbs his signature. He chooses not to list prizes and publications; he will not stand for this nation state’s national anthem; will not use the phrases, ‘so honoured to be…,’ ‘very excited to be…,’ ‘really looking forward to…’ Robert currently resides on the territory of the T’Sou-ke Nation, where he writes from time to time. He is mostly biodegradable.

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