Wisdom Council, September 27-29, 2019

This TIA House symposium recognizes the imperfect knowledge transmission methods of the colonial system, and particularly the ways it has tended to fragment non-Western knowledges and privilege the textual over the oral. Using a combination of traditional and contemporary practices, this symposium seeks to at least scratch the surface of this problem. A small council of senior practitioners will be invited to sit in council in a range of ways over the course of three days: first with each other, then a public symposium, and then through a set of oral history interviews. These interviews will be recorded for podcast in order to extend the reach of the work and also preserve it for future generations. Topics to be addressed may include: what our communities need now; memory and forgetting; care of elders in racialized communities; stories of the past, present and future; stories in cyclical time; community formations we’ve experienced; community formations we remember; how we understand the work that needs to be done; practices and strategies.

Participants confirmed (as of June 28, 2019)

Lillian Allen, Smaro Kamboureli, Aruna Srivastava, Fred Wah, Lenore Keeshig, Chrystos, Chris Creighton-Kelly, France Trépanier, Richard Fung, and David Garneau


September 27, 2019: Evening Literary Reading

September 28. 2019: Public Panels

September 29, 2019: Studio Interviews

The Insurgent Architects’ House for Creative Writing (TIA House)
SS1059, 618 Campus Place, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta

Organizers: Mikka Jacobsen, Rebecca Geleyn and Larissa Lai

Free and open to the public!

Watch this site for updates.

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